Each year non-Qatari employees with married contact status are asked to prove that their spouse was in Qatar for at least 180 days. This is to avoid fraud by people claiming their wife lives with them when in reality they live abroad.

Luckily, with the introduction of Metrash 2, Qatar’s online government app, this process is easy to undertake.

Metrash Settings Menu

Go to Settings from the top right-hand menu to access email configuration.

Step one is to download Metrash 2 from the Apple or Google App Stores and link it to your phone number. Then you will need to go into the app and find the Settings (top right-hand menu). Then click Email Configuration and make sure your email address is set up.

Metrash Homepage

Click on Leave Notification from the home screen to search for entry and exit permit data.

Then from the home page, make sure Services is selected from the top menu and go to Leave Notifications > Traveler Transactions.

Fill in the dates (usually 1 January to 31 December of the year in question) and put in your spouse’s  Qatar Residents Permit (QID) number. Make sure your email is showing and click NEXT. Now pay the QAR10 fee via credit card. At this point, a PDF with all the relevant information in Arabic will be emailed to you!

Then all you need to do is check the dates are correct and print this and give it to your HR department as proof of when your spouse was in the country during the past 12 months.